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I've started uploading my fic to AO3. I am siegeofangels over there too.

My only question is this: If you have read If you want to kiss the sky: should I use the official noncon warning?

My initial thought is to use the official CHOOSE NOT TO USE ARCHIVE WARNINGS warning and then tag it dubcon, because it's a creepy societal situation but John's choosing to consent.

Looking over the delicious tags, I see one person tagged it noncon (although with a note that they weren't sure whether to) and a couple for dubcon (and one for "thinky," which tickles me pink). But I don't know if that is more of a reflection of the audience. Do you think that people who want a noncon warning would like one on this story?

(My other quandry is whether to tag it asexuality, because in my mind that universe doesn't really allow for an asexual identity--I don't think anybody in that universe is identifying as straight or gay either--but people *are* tagging it asexuality on delicious, which leads me to think that people looking for ace fics on AO3 would like to find it. Hm.)

I'm leaving this post unlocked because I would like to hear from anyone who has thoughts on this. I'll even put in a text-box poll so you don't even have to click Reply.

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Should I use the official noncon warning?

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Ok I just reread it. I think "choose not to use warnings" is the best option, with a dubcon tag. And I think an "asexuality" tag would be perfectly appropriate; John-as-ace is definitely a valid reading of the story, I think, even if it might not be quite what you had in mind writing it, and even if his society doesn't have a word for the concept.
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(Oh, almost forgot: rereading it I noticed that the sentence starting "And it would have been a really nice moment .." should probably be in present tense?)
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You use a similar construction a few lines earlier (should have been), so i think that part works as it is!
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I would definitely call it dubcon, not noncon: John consents, but there's question as to whether or not his consent is meaningful. (And he would punch you in the face if you said that to him, which often is my dubcon vs noncon test.)

I had the same problem with Howling, really.
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*g* You know a story is good when it makes you break your no-warnings position, seriously. I struggled so hard to figure out how to phrase the warnings for Howling, because Jesus, there's no way that JD sleeping with Ba'al wasn't dubcon at the very least, but JD would bite your face off if you told him that, because to his way of thinking, he consented the minute he said he'd take the mission since he damn fucking well knew Ba'al would want to fuck him again and he says that calling it rape or even dubcon is taking away his agency since he walked into it with his eyes wide open. (I HAPPEN TO DISAGREE, but he's a pushy little fuck like that.)

(and then there was the whole thing with the eyes. auuuugh eyes.)